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Information Technology Resume Tips  or IT Resume Tips

Last Reviewed: November 14, 2016      Last Updated:   November 14, 2016              *Why we show the Reviewed and Updated Dates

Easy to Edit with Specific Keywords

Remember, in our experience sitting in on hiring panels, working with hiring managers, HR departments and executives we have found that your resume will never be read. They are looking for the specific words that tells them you are a match for what they are looking for = Their keywords!.
Use the keywords from the job description. That is if they say do you have Object Oriented programming do not use OOP. Use Object Oriented Programming. Remember non-IT staff, such as HR and clerical staff are filtering the resume. They don't know the abbreviations
The most important thing is what they want, not what you want to tell them.

Using staff/recruiters
then use a simple format

Keep to simple formats in Word or PDF.
Do not use HTML based resumes or fancy resumes. Do not use hard carriage returns to get the word wrap exactly where you want it.  This consumes huge amounts of time for the recruiter to remove all of your carriage returns so they can reformat the resume to their needs.  Let the word processor wrap the lines of a paragraph.  Only use carriage returns for specific paragraphs and headings.

Do not use Tables

Your recruiter typically has a deadline to get you submitted. The more complex formatting you use the more they have to clean it up to submit in their approved format. This means time. Unfortunately if they are pushed against the deadline for submitting and they have your complex resume and another easy resume which might not be as strong, they will go with the other candidate.

Resume Organization

The best organization for resumes is the old standard work history format. The "new" standard, which some resume professionals are touting, which is the Performance or Accomplishment based resume, is very frustrating for the IT or computer world.

The Performance or Accomplishment based resume is where work history is replaced by accomplishments made through your career.  EG:

Do not bother with summaries at the top of your resume. Nobody will read them.
Again, resumes are scanned to see if you have the skills they are looking for. The most important thing is what they want, not what you want to tell them.