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Last Reviewed: March 12, 2008                Last Updated: March 12, 2008

Why we show the Reviewed and Updated Dates:

We find it frustrating spending so much time looking for information and reading the information only to discover that it is out-of-date. Web sites typically don't want to date information because they want you to spend time on their web site.   The hope is that you will find something to purchase the longer you are on their site.

We'd like the Internet community to change. Ideally all articles and documents should have a reviewed and an updated date so that you, the reader, can instantly tell how timely the information is.  This encourages the web site owners to keep their web sites up-to-date; making the Internet a more useful resource.

Not Guaranteed but a Good Start:

Of course many web sites could just update the dates and not check the information.  But at least this way many web site owners would be prompted to review their content and update the information to make it relevant and keep you the reader coming back. 

Do you agree?  

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