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Information Technology Staffing

Gould Intelligent’s clients range from commercial businesses to State and local government.

The Interview

Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire and Recruiting Assistance

Gould Intelligent offers a variety of IT recruiting services which allows you to fit the recruiting effort to your business. Such as the Contract-To-Hire which allows you to test drive the fit

These plans have flexible durations allowing you to tailor them to fit your needs. Additional benefits of these plans include positive gains in morale, reduced UI claims and a reduced workload on your HR team.

Another alternative is for Gould Intelligent to recruit for direct hire IT vacancies.  Our recruiting engine is constantly seeking talent so that we can more quickly and efficiently find you that right candidate.  If you just need help evaluating resumes or interviewing potential candidates our knowledgeable staff can assist you.

See our Placement Services page for more information on Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Direct Hire and Recruiting Assistance

Working on the Couch

Part-Time or Flexible Schedules

We allow you the flexibility to schedule the amount of assistance needed, AND provide you with easier budget management, through part-time/flex-time scheduling.  Many of our consultants are open to this opportunity.  Gould Intelligent is happy to recruit for part-time and flexible schedule work where most of the competition won't accept these requirements.

Team Staffing

Team Staffing

Gould Intelligent can supply entire teams of IT staff for your IT project.  Teams can be as simple as a Business Analyst with a Programmer who work together to develop an application, to complex Enterprise Level applications which require Project Managers, Technical Writers, Analysts, Programmers, and Database Administrators. Teams are a good alternative for your Desktop Refreshes where deadlines are tight. We can provide the desktop technicians as well as Project Leads and Project Managers.

Placement Services

Why use Staffing Consultants?

Why use consultants to staff your projects? When upgrading from one system to another, you may require staff with special skills or use them to maintain legacy applications while your staff is learning the new system.  Also consider using a consultant to cover extended vacations and planned staffed absences.

Project based funding is a typical reason many companies use consultants.   It creates a concise accounting of the funds used and eliminates employee overhead reporting on the financials.

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